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Anonymous asked:

when i was little i had really bad asthma but i thought i outgrew it, but now whenever i run i can't breathe. i always thought it was a side effect but maybe i'm just out of shape i'm not sure and i'm concerned


I feel you omg. My asthma is still strong, but my doctors just tell me I am ‘deconditioned’ even though autocorrect says that is not a real word. I recommend asking your doctor for a pulmonary functioning test just to check up on your asthma. They are so annoying, but it helps sort of kind of. Also tell your doctor about this too. They are there to help you, they are getting paid to be there for you.

Also, maybe you can start trying to slowly train our body to get used to exercising without too much trouble? Just start with light exercise and then gradually add to your exercises. If it still bothers you, tell your doctor. When in doubt, ask your doctor.

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